Programs & Services

Career Activities

Every year TCAT Harriman sponsors Career Activities for high school and junior high school students to introduce the students to careers in nursing and technology. Each of the programs offered at TCAT Harriman can be spotlighted at your school with fun and interesting presentations or demonstrations provided. If you are interested in career activities for your students e-mail bgilbert @ for more information.

High School Tours

We welcome the opportunity to share the many services available at TCAT Harriman. High School tours are organized for students to visit the school, classrooms, and labs. Many times, demonstrations are provided by our students. TCAT Harriman Ambassadors are always willing to assist Student Services in conducting tours. For more information, contact Student Services at (865) 882-6703.

Mentoring and Shadowing

High school students are invited to attend any of the programs available (with the exception of Practical Nursing and CNA) at TCAT Harriman to mentor or shadow one of our currently enrolled students. The students may visit a program, participate in the classroom, and view projects in the lab. Students are not allowed to work on projects. Half-a-day sessions or a regular school day session are available as permitted by the instructors.

For more information, contact Student Services at (865) 882-6703.